The 8 Best Hydroponic Mediums: A Detailed Guide

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As I’m sure you know, hydroponic growing uses no soil – just nutrient solution – but in order for plant roots to be properly held in place, the use of a growing media or substrate is very much needed. Now, I’ve been growing hydroponically for roughly half a decade at this point, so when prepping … Read more

Fogponics 101: Is Fog the Future of Hydroponics?

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When it comes to plant cultivation I’m a big fan of any unconventional method or technique that actually works. Unfortunately, there just aren’t too many. After all, gardening is an established skill; we’ve innovated quite a bit over the last thousand years! With that being said, within the realm of hydroponics – a method of … Read more

Aeroponics 101: A Detailed Guide to Hydroponic Growing With Mist

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In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at Aeroponics: A fairly complicated form of active hydroponics in which plant roots, held by a growing medium, are suspended in air above a nutrient solution reservoir and are misted at optimal time intervals for quick growth. Aeroponic Advantages: 1.) Smaller nutrient water droplets means faster absorption … Read more

Aerogarden Bounty VS Click & Grow Smart Garden 9: Full Review & Comparison

No matter the climate or season, automated hydroponic gardens make growing herbs, veggies, spices, or even flowers a breeze all year-round.  In today’s guide, we are taking a detailed look at two industry leaders – the Aerogarden Bounty and the Click & Grown Smart Garden 9 – to see how they stack up against each … Read more

The 8 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits of 2021: A Detailed Look

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Ah, finally I get to write about my favorite gardening tools on the market – indoor herb kits.

Now, before all you purists begin to send me hate-mail, please know that I still, to this very day till my own land, plant my own seeds, and grow my own herbs and vegetables outdoors; I haven’t embraced the future completely!

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A Comprehensive Guide to AeroGarden: Reviews of Each Garden 2020

In today’s guide, we’re taking an intricate look at AeroGarden – the most popular indoor gardening brand on the market – in order to understand how each garden works, why AeroGarden is an industry leader, and the technology behind automated hydroponics. Which AeroGarden model is best? That depends on your preferences, but we can give … Read more

How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden: Comprehensive Guide

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There has never been a better time in history to be an avid gardener. Whether you want to grow indoors, start a surrounding patio garden, or create a traditional backyard garden; it has never been easier, cheaper, and more bountiful. In an era where pesticides and herbicides have become standard industry practice, growing your own … Read more

Chamomile VS Green Tea: A Comprehensive Look at the Benefits

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For a comprehensive look at the different chemical constituents, preperation methods, and the finest brands of Pu-Erh Tea, see our guide HERE! There has long been a sense of confusion towards the topic of tea in mainstream America. Which teas are real? Which teas are medicinally useful? Which teas have the highest amount of caffeine? … Read more