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Gorilla Grow Tent Review 2020 – Do They Live Up to the Hype?

Gorilla Grow Tent is one of the most popular and trusted grow tent brands on the market.

And it’s not a mystery as to why: they offer high-quality tents for basically every size you could ever want – from 2 X 2.5 – 10 X 20.

At first glance, there’s nothing really special about what Gorilla Grow Tent is offering – their tents are fairly straight-forward – they have standard reflective walls, steel poles for support, and a thick fabric mesh exterior.

But upon further investigation, you realize that it’s the small things that make Gorilla Grow Tents so superior to other offerings.

Let’s get into it.

Gorilla Grow Tent’s Grow Tents

First off, it’s worth noting that Gorilla Grow Tent offers three different product lines:

  • The Standard Gorilla Grow Tent: This includes their flagship offerings that range from sizes of 2 X 2.5 – 10 X 25 and prices between $200 – $2,400.
  • The Lite Line: These tents are more affordable, slightly more light-weight, and have less durable fabric. This line is generally best for first-time growers who want to get their feet wet or perhaps for those on a budget.
  • The Shorty Line: The shorty grow tents are, well… shorter! They are available in sizes ranging from 2 X 2.5 – 4 X 8. And as for build quality, this line is identical to the Standard line.

Gorilla Grow Tent Features

gorilla grow kit interior diagram

The majority of Gorilla Grow Tent’s grow tents are manufactured using 1680D thick exterior mesh, loaded with a diamond-shaped reflective interior material, and available with a height-adjustable roof that passes infrared light and blocks ultraviolet and visible light.

The 1680D density fabric is much thicker than most competitor offerings which use materials that range from 200D – 600D.

Also, the reflective interior material is probably the best that I’ve come across in a grow tent; it reflects and re-distributes light better than any tent that I’ve used before – and I’ve used a lot of tents over the years!

The support poles are constructed from standard solid steel and are very sturdy and durable.

Trust me: never use a grow tent with a plastic frame! It might work well for a few months, but if you’re a year-round grower like me, you’ll be cursing the darn thing in a year’s time.

Height Extension Kit

gorilla grow tent extension kit

Every Gorilla Grow Tent comes with a height extension kit that increases the height of your tent by 1′.

They also offer a separate 2′ height extension kit.

Best Grow Lights for the Gorilla Grow Tent

Before you purchase ANY growing equipment, you should ask yourself this question:

How big are my planting ambitions?

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the yield, the more watts you want from a grow light. And with more wattage comes the necessity of more space!

Now, I won’t go over the best grow light for each grow tent size – that would waste both your time and mine considering that grow lights are an intricate topic that we covered in a separate article – but I will quickly cover the best grow lights for the most popular grow tent sizes:

  • For 4 X 4 grow tents, I have successfully used up to 1,000W LED hanging lights – like this Gixxer grow light – with great success.
  • For 4 X 8 grow tents, I generally wouldn’t exceed 1,200W; consider this Philzon unit.
  • For 8 x 8 grow tents, I’d recommend up to 2,000W – depending on your yield size you might want to use a couple 2,000W lights – check out this BESTVA LED unit.

Remember, how many watts you want out of your grow light completely depends on your planting ambitions.

If you’re an inexperienced grower who simply wants to experiment, save yourself the electricity costs and settle for a smaller 300 watt or less grow light; you can always scale up from there!


With a great build quality, a wide array of sizes, and one-of-a-kind features, Gorilla Grow Tent offers, what I think, are the best tents on the market for a reasonable price.