Fogponics 101: Is Fog the Future of Hydroponics?

fogponics aeroponics system

When it comes to plant cultivation I’m a big fan of any unconventional method or technique that actually works. Unfortunately, there just aren’t too many. After all, gardening is an established skill; we’ve innovated quite a bit over the last thousand years! With that being said, within the realm of hydroponics – a method of … Read more

Aeroponics 101: A Detailed Guide to Hydroponic Growing With Mist

aeroponics design

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at Aeroponics: A fairly complicated form of active hydroponics in which plant roots, held by a growing medium, are suspended in air above a nutrient solution reservoir and are misted at optimal time intervals for quick growth. Aeroponic Advantages: 1.) Smaller nutrient water droplets means faster absorption … Read more