Hydroponic Plants: Growing Plants Without Soil!

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Growing plants hydroponically has never been easier. There are dozens of hydroponic systems that are perfect for not only the experienced commercial grower but also the inexperienced household gardener. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the best plants to grow hydroponically. We’ll start with the easy stuff and work our way … Read more

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Nutrients Guide: A Detailed Look

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Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a form of hydroponics where plant roots are completely submerged in a highly oxygenated, sanitary, nutrient solution reservoir. Table of Contents: These systems are one of the many hydroponic techniques that utilize an air pump to circulate nutrient solution mixture to plant roots. An airline is connected to the pump … Read more

Bubbleponics 101: Hydroponic Growing With Bubbles!

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Hydroponics is an ever-expanding approach to gardening that embodies dozens of different soil-less cultivation techniques. In today’s article, we’re going to cover one of those techniques that just doesn’t get enough love: Bubbleponics. Table of Contents: What is Bubbleponics? Bubbleponics VS Deep Water Culture How Does Bubbleponics Work? Best Plants to Grow With Bubbleponics The … Read more

Best Hydroponic Systems of 2023

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In today’s guide, we’ll be taking a comprehensive look at hydroponics, an accelerated soil-less growing method which – when done correctly – eliminates the mess of traditional gardening, while reliably germinating healthy plants. What is hydroponics? What are the best hydroponic growing techniques for herbs, vegetables, fruits, or spices? Follow along as we reveal all … Read more

Best Hydroponic Nutrients 2020: Buying Guide & Reviews

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Like every living thing, plants need nutrients to survive and to grow to their full potential. Plants normally receive their key nutrients from – as I’m sure you know – the soil that they naturally grow in. Since hydroponics is a soil-less form of growing, we have to provide developing plants with nutrients ourselves via … Read more

The 8 Best Hydroponic Mediums: A Detailed Guide

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As I’m sure you know, hydroponic growing uses no soil – just nutrient solution – but in order for plant roots to be properly held in place, the use of a growing media or substrate is very much needed. Now, I’ve been growing hydroponically for roughly half a decade at this point, so when prepping … Read more

Fogponics 101: Is Fog the Future of Hydroponics?

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When it comes to plant cultivation I’m a big fan of any unconventional method or technique that actually works. Unfortunately, there just aren’t too many. After all, gardening is an established skill; we’ve innovated quite a bit over the last thousand years! With that being said, within the realm of hydroponics – a method of … Read more

Aeroponics 101: A Detailed Guide to Hydroponic Growing With Mist

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In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at Aeroponics: A fairly complicated form of active hydroponics in which plant roots, held by a growing medium, are suspended in air above a nutrient solution reservoir and are misted at optimal time intervals for quick growth. Aeroponic Advantages: 1.) Smaller nutrient water droplets means faster absorption … Read more

Aerogarden Bounty VS Click & Grow Smart Garden 9: Full Review & Comparison

No matter the climate or season, automated hydroponic gardens make growing herbs, veggies, spices, or even flowers a breeze all year-round.  In today’s guide, we are taking a detailed look at two industry leaders – the Aerogarden Bounty and the Click & Grown Smart Garden 9 – to see how they stack up against each … Read more